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Photo Guide

Photo Guide

A high-quality photo can make sure a perfect artwork, you're responsible to upload the high-quality pet photos for us, in this way, we can custom the high-quality artwork. This guide will explain exactly what you need to find or take the perfect pet photo.

Suggest: We recommend you upload 3 photos for each pet, in order to get the best portrait. Preferablya rontal photo, a 45-degree left face photo, and a 45-degree right face photo.

How to Take the Perfect Pet Photo?

Keep photos sharp and not blurry

  • keep your pet still, use treats to bribe your pet is a good idea.
  • Don't shake your hands when taking picture.
  • A close-up photo is best, as it will appear blurry if you are too far away.
  • Screenshots are not recommended as they can easily appear unclear.
Ideally, take in natural light or in bright light - the light should be behind you and don't use flash.
Take your photo at eye level with your pet.
Make sure all of their ears, head, nose and eyes are clearly in shot.
What will work
What won't work

Good Examples

Our pet artists will check all photos before they start working on your artwork, so if you aren’t sure just order your portrait! If we have problems with the photo, one of our experts will be in touch with you ASAP to help you find a better photo.