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About Pet Portrait

1. Do you just do cats and dogs? 2
We do more than just for dog and cat portraits, all pets and animals are welcomed. From cute bunnies to pet birds. Odds are, if it's an animal, we will create a portrait for you. Please note: At this time we do not create portraits of humans (no matter how cute you are!).
2. Can I have more than one pet in a portrait? 1
Yes! We have a variety of options to suit your pet parent needs. Right now, we have costume options for 1 pet, 2 pets, 3 pets and even 4 pets together in one portrait!
3. Do you create pet memorials? 1
It is Furryroyal's honor to create portraits of deceased pets. You can always contact us via service@furryroyal if you have further requests.
4. Do you do human portraits? 1
We can do a pet and owner portrait, you can check here to choose the one you like. However, if you want just humans in your portrait, Furryroyal can not do that for you.
5. What is a Digital Download? 1
We provide high-quality digital files for your order artwork, and if you order a digital product, you can download the digital artwork once you confirm the preview. However,if you only ordered the physical product, you can still preview the artwork, but you can't download the digital version.
6. How is my portrait made? 1
About the Design: Our artists carefully craft your portrait using professional tools, retouching techniques, and photo editing techniques to ensure your pet looks best. At the same time, we 100% respect the opinions and suggestions of pet owners. About Printing: In terms of materials, we only use the highest quality canvas and ink to create our portraits, turning your pet portrait into a work of art.
7. Can I choose a painting for a background that I don't see in your shop? 1
Of course you can! As long as the painting does not have copyright restrictions feel free to suggest any painting. Typically, 70 years after an artist dies the work goes into the public domain and we can use it.
8. Can you make the hands in a painting into paws? 1
Yes, of course, you'd better upload an additional close-up photo of your pet's paw and make a note.

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