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Reward Points

Reward Points

Be a part of Furryroyal rewards program and start earning Pet Points now!

How Does It Work?

Earn Points: We provide some ways to earn points for you, the points you earned can be spent when you check out on our site.

Ways to earn points

  • Create Furryroyal Account +10
  • Follow us on Twitter +5
  • Celebrate your pet's birthday +30
  • Share us to Social Media each time +5
  • Follow us on Facebook +5
  • Post a comment with pictures each time +5
  • Follow us on Instgram +5
  • Subscribe to Newsletter +10
  • Follow us on on TikTok +5
  • Every $10 Spent +1

Ways to spend points


Referral a friend

Get your referral link

Once you create an account on Furryroyal, you will receive a referral link that is unique to you.

Share your referral link

Share your referral link to your friends.

Your friends buy

Your friends buy from your referral link.

Earn points

After your friend places an order successfully, you will get 50% points of your friend's order amount.